Adjust the Mic Episode #186 The Grand Beluga

Episode #186 of the Adjust the Mic Podcast, titled “The Grand Beluga.” Broadcasted from the heart of Lampin Media Studios in Titusville, FL. Co-hosts Thaddeus & Scott, alongside the charismatic historian Che, delve into the intriguing subject of animal intelligence. This episode takes listeners on a journey into animal intelligence, the pioneering Neurolink technology, the revolutionary CRISPR gene editing, and sprinkle in some otherworldly alien themes for an extra layer of intrigue.

We warmly invite our audience to experience this captivating episode. Your engagement means the world, & by liking, reviewing, and sharing “The Grand Beluga” on your preferred podcast platform, you contribute significantly to our growth. Recorded at Lampin Media Studios, this episode promises to be not just enlightening but also a testament to the wonders of the natural world and the advancements of science(Chat GPT might believe in us a bit too much with this sentence). Don’t miss out on this unique blend of knowledge and entertainment—tune in, share your thoughts, and help us spread the word about the Adjust the Mic Podcast.

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Our Cabin) & The Maybe List(Tonto Goldsteins Band Song Titled: Daisey)

Break Music : Indium. Song Title: Reflection

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