Adjust the Mic Episode #185 Primordial Ooze

Join Colleen, Thad, and Scott in a heartfelt and diverse Episode #185 of Adjust the Mic Podcast. Recorded on February 1st, 2024. (Feeling terrible for you Brent! We thought the Lions were going to pull that win off). We navigate through a spectrum of emotions and topics, starting with Colleen’s empathetic reflections on the Detroit Lions’ recent loss and the collective optimism surrounding Dan Campbell and his coaching team’s return for another season. Scott takes the spotlight with an enthusiastic discussion about the Orlando Magic and their current season, offering insights and hopes for the team.

After the break, we delve into an unexpected exploration of Conservative Rap, opening up a discussion on its presence and impact with some compare and contrasting remarks. The episode takes a more personal turn as we engage in a revealing Q&A session, allowing us to share a bit more about ourselves with our loyal listeners.

From sports disappointments and triumphs to musical discoveries and personal stories, Episode #185 covers a wide array of subjects, all infused with the warmth, humor, and camaraderie you’ve come to expect from us. Tune in for an episode that’s as varied as it is engaging, right here on Adjust the Mic.

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Our Cabin) & The Maybe List(Tonto Goldsteins Band Song Titled: Daisey)

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