About Us

In the sultry summer of 2019, Scott Geiser, a Titusville luminary in t-shirt design and cross-country running, felt the magnetic pull of the podcast universe. Spurred on by Stan, a close friend and inaugural co-host, Scott hit the “Record” button and “Adjust the Mic Podcast” burst onto the scene like a rocket from Cape Canaveral. Original crewmates Jared and Karissa brought their own flavors to the mix, and so began our foray into the cosmic realm of podcasting.

Fast forward, and the lineup saw a few orbital shifts. Jared and Stan exited stage left to embrace their newfound roles as Twitter virtuosos and Orlando Magic devotees. Enter Charley Lord: a curmudgeonly yet endearing running enthusiast and vintage Star Wars aficionado. The stage was set, but not complete—until local heartthrob and Miller Lite maven, Joe Miller, added his star power.

Still, the constellation wasn’t quite complete without our resident Dave Grohl devotee and craft beer queen, Colleen Comerford. And who could forget Chris Chamberland, our homegrown space sage, who left us for greener (or shall we say, more interstellar?) pastures.

Here we are, in the heart of 2023, and the sonic boom you’re hearing isn’t just another SpaceX launch—it’s the evolved “Adjust the Mic Podcast!” With Charley and Chris launching into life’s new endeavors, the show must go on. Scott and Colleen, your resident rockstars, have teamed up with Thaddeus Cranston, the rhythm behind Lo Presher and the newest melody to our podcasting jam session.

So, what’s new on the docket? We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the Annual Eco Festival, orchestrated by the legendary Frank Robb. We’re also hardcore fans of the Tom & Dan Podcast, because, hey, we know great podcasting when we hear it.

Whether you’re a Crocs-clad trailblazer or a Chat GPT expert, there’s a seat for you on our audio adventure. Plug in those headphones, fine-tune that volume, and get ready to ride the airwaves! With “Adjust the Mic,” your ears are about to embark on an unforgettable journey through Central Florida’s diverse tapestry of stories, music, and culture. Believe us—the party’s just heating up, Florida-style!