About Us

Amplifying Ideas Worth Hearing

Welcome to the Adjust the Mic Podcast, the Heartbeat of Florida’s Space Coast!

Broadcasting from vibrant Titusville, FL, our weekly podcast is your gateway to the pulse of the Space Coast. Join us, the spirited team of Colleen, Scott, and Thad, as we dive into an eclectic mix of current events, local gastronomic delights, captivating music scenes, and the quirkiest of topics that keep our conversations spicy.

Local Flavors, Global Tunes: We’re passionate about showcasing the best of our community. Whether it’s spotlighting local businesses that are the backbone of Titusville or amplifying the voices of both local and national music talents, we’re here to share stories that resonate and uplift.

Personal Touch: Get to know us – Colleen, balancing her bustling life with her amazing husband Brent and their three kids; Scott, the garden-loving logistics broker with a heart as big as his pack of dogs; and Thad, our local music savant and producer, whose roots and expertise in Brevard County music add depth and rhythm to our show.

Join Our Community: Every episode is an invitation to laugh, learn, and maybe sing along. Whether you’re a long-time resident or just love good stories and great music, there’s always a seat at our table. So, adjust your mic, tune in, and be a part of the conversation that celebrates and elevates the vibrant tapestry of the Space Coast.

Adjust the Mic Podcast – Where Local Charm Meets Global Harmony.