Adjust the Mic Episode #113 Ya Win Some & Ya Lose Some
Adjust the Mic Episode #113. On this episode we have Travis Melvin our male T-Shirt Model in studio along with Colleen, Charley, Chris, & Scott. Show starts off with a discussion about the Video Music Awards. Are they still relevant? Do we know who half of these new artist are? …
Adjust the Mic Episode #112
Episode 112 felt like Episode 1. Felt great having a full crew this week with Colleen, Chris, Charley, & Scott. We have a great show lined up this week. Charley wasn't feeling his best to begin the show. A little tour of Titusville with Charley and Scott on a Tuesday …
Adjust the Mic Episode #111 SportsBall is Back
Episode 111 was 1 host short with Chris having to work. Colleen, Charley, & Scott get the episode going getting the Covid blah Blah out of the way. Wild times we are in. Colleen & Brent Rescue Bud from Episode 109! Thats 3 Dogs now we have rescued from The …

Traveling on a new adventure this week…bags are packed. Please Send me some stickers for the suitcase for this and future journey’s ✨ 🤙🤙🤙🤙

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