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Adjust the Mic Podcast
Adjust the Mic Podcast
Adjust the Mic Podcast

One rainy summer night in 2019, local t-shirt making, cross country running Titusville socialite Scott Geiser was inspired by several popular local podcasts. Friend and previous Co-host Stan pushed to make it happen and Scott did just that. Stan & Scott Recruited Jared and Karissa and we were blasting off into pod-world! After a few episodes our biggest fan at the time Mattie decided she was going to show up at Scotts and be on the show too. Around 60 episodes in Jared & Stan couldn’t handle working AND podcasting with Scott so they went on to be world famous Twitter trolls and Orlando Magic fan boys!! Scott, lonely and watching re-runs of Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood episodes had an epiphany!!!!!!! He decided to call the greatest person he knows Charley Lord, a professional asshole, avid old guy jogger, a grown ass man who collects vintage Star Wars toy’s and magic was made.

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