Adjust the Mic Episode #142 Playalinda Brewery Hardware Store Talkin James Webb n Stuff

Episode #142 is ready for your enjoyment. Recorded on July 12th @ The Hardware Store Playalinda Brewery in Downtown Titusville, FL. Great time along with a full cast with Colleen, Chris, Charley, & Scott all in attendance. The staff at the Brewery was fantastic as always. The brews & food were on point. Was a beautiful Tuesday evening indeed. We start off the show talking about the James Webb images that have been released. Colleen takes a trip up to see her Brother for his birthday and completely surprised him. Shirt was 100% tucked in incase any of you were wondering. Airplane drama is a thing. Vine & Olive is open for business here in Titusville. Charley says we have a real deal fine dining spot and the interior is immaculate. The Orlando Magic are going to be great. Colleen loves documentaries and more. Download and let us know what you think. Thank you all!

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Music Intro & Outro this evening is by Lo Presher (Eat @ Joe’s Track can be found on Spotify) & The Maybe List.

Break Music by:  Indium : Reflection ’98

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