Adjust the Mic Episode #143 I Love You

Episode #143 recorded on Tuesday July 19th. This week we are excited about going to go see the Molly Ringwalds at House of Blues on August 6th which is also Colleens birthday!! If you want to go please get a ticket and meet us out there. Looking forward to a great time! Charley has THE BEST handwriting. Colleen talks FooFighters. Discuss the differences in growing up now compared to 30 years ago. Scott’s AC goes out this past weekend. Scott tries to fix it and fails. Chris is cooking some AMAZING food. Charley set us up with some Lottery and brought us all a badass Mandalorian coffee mug from Hobby Lobby! Shark Week trivia to end the show. Thank you for listening!

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Music Intro & Outro this evening is by Lo Presher (Eat @ Joe’s Track can be found on Spotify) & The Maybe List.

Break Music by:  Sick Smile Creek

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