Episode #197 Logo my Ethos

Join Scott, Thad, and returning guest Che, a fan favorite known for boosting the intellectual ante, in another engaging episode of the Adjust the Mic. The trio kicks off with a lighthearted banter about lobster cravings and the art of packing smart for travel. Che shares insights into his upcoming multi-country adventure, setting the stage for tales of exploration and discovery.

Mid-episode, the conversation turns to the thrills of the recent Kentucky Derby, capturing the excitement and unexpected outcomes of the race. The break features the soothing sounds of Mira Mudd’s “Sidewalks,” a track you can catch on YouTube.

In the latter half, dive deep into a thought-provoking discussion on what it takes to build a utopian society. While Scott dreams up his ideal world in “Scottopia,” Che grounds the vision with practical wisdom, ensuring it’s not just a fantasy but a feasible plan for societal betterment. Meanwhile, Thad shares updates from the flourishing “ThadLand.”

Tune in to Episode 197 of Adjust the Mic for a blend of humor, insight, and imaginative discourse that’s sure to entertain and enlighten.

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Our Cabin) & The Maybe List(Change the Locks)

Break Music : Mira Mudd Sidewalks

Prank Call : Check

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