Episode #194 The Magic Waist Satchel

In this episode of Adjust the Mic, Colleen, Thad & Scott delve into the Orlando Magic’s playoff excitement and share updates from the Titusville community. Scott explains the Magic’s playoff dynamics to Colleen & Thad, highlighting the team’s prospects and the local fan enthusiasm.

Colleen is thrilled to discuss her new role at Playalinda Brewery, where she has reconnected with familiar faces and gets to meet Rob Summers from Tbone Designs on Garden Street. Scott will tell you all about that…. Her insights reflect a cool local business scene in Titusville.

Meanwhile, Scott experiments with some AI-generated songs from Sora AI. Thad shares his recent endeavors in renovating the studio, preparing for more dynamic and engaging Song Creation/Music Production/Podcast sessions.

We reminisce about a 1995 photo featuring surfing legend Kelly Slater rocking out in his youth, with a surprise appearance by Thad catching some vibes.

The episode concludes with a curious exploration of the renewed popularity of waist satchels, sparking a playful discussion on fashion trends.

Remember to check out the Plant Sale this Saturday at Sherwood, Titusville, FL. Alongside the community yard sale, you’ll find an excellent selection of plants at the Lampin Media Residence to spruce up the yard.

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Our Cabin) & The Maybe List(Change the Locks)

Break Music : Lo Presher!

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