Adjust the Mic Episode #153 Eco Fest & Thanksgiving Chronicles

Adjust the Mic is Back with another episode for your listening pleasure. Fun show this week. If you listen to the show much you know that Scott tends to mess things up from time to time LOL. Well… happened again. In 2 stages on this episode in particular. We had planned to release 2 episodes. A post Ecofest show & our own recap along with Thanksgiving stories. Scott bought new SD cards for the recorder and we didn’t get the first few interviews with Clayton with Claytons Cleanup, Quil Darling, & Charley/Scotts Eco Fest intro. We were able to recover the interview with Mira Mudd from Titutsville and we use it for the break on this episode. I have more audio I am going through and will be sharing some more of what I have on the next few episodes as well along with some new music for the show! Colleen, Charley, and I record this week after a VERY busy last few weeks. We talk Thanksgiving on this episode along with Fantasy Football talk after the Mira interview. Colleen gives Frank Robb a hard time about his Fantasy Football success this season! Colleen has a good team as well and going up against her competative husband Brent this week! Thank you to everyone who came up to support us at Eco Fest. So many to name! You know who you are. Was a special day for us and getting an opportunity to mix it up with the community and meet people like Clayton, Quil, & Mira along with the Mermers, Kyle & the 8 Minute Miles, Flagman, Jessica De La Cruz, Finger Stripes, Flying Monkey Butts, & Amber Calhoun! We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication Frank and his crew brought to the event. Stel Bailey was awesome! Doc the sound man had more energy than all of us and took care of so much! Thad & Monica for everything they did for this event! WOW! Kelseys & so many others for their sponsorship of the event. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!

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Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Eat @ Joe’s Track can be found on Spotify) & The Maybe List(Tonto Goldsteins Band)

Break : For this break we play our interview with Mira Mudd who is a born and raised Titusville, FL musician who played at this years Eco Fest. You can find Mira on Instagram @miramudd

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