Adjust the Mic Episode Friday Night Mics Volume #1 Don’t Call me Peck!

Episode #18 which is Volume #1 of our Friday Night Mic Episodes. On this Friday of November 15th we had friends Lauren and BT on the show. We had some fun with this one. We get into Movies, Cartoons, Andre the Giant, Disney, +, BT Doesn’t like Willow and is a funny story! There is a lot of fun on this episode. Lauren and BT did a great job and I couldn’t be happier with the first Friday night episode going the way it did. There is a lot of great content on this episode and some funny prank calls at the end of the show. Enjoy!!

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Music Intro and Outro are by Indium. They are an old school local band from back in our day and really cool of them to allow us to use their music! Any local music can be submitted to or message me on Facebook and we will play and plug your music. You can also reach out to Joe Miller as he will be handing and trying to help promote all local music!