Adjust the Mic Episode #74 Vibe Farming @ Epsilon

Episode #74 Is up and ready for you to enjoy. On this episode we discuss the Vibe Farming going on with this amazing group of people.   I would also like to dedicate this episode to Frank Robb who has been such a positive light since being on our show!   Colleen helped make this all happen when she got Frank to come on the show and the positivity since then has been phenomenal!  Frank has some procedures coming up to help get his health back on track and needs our thoughts and prayers!  Frank connected us with Thad from Lo Presher in an attempt to allow us the ability to use some of their music that everyone in our area loved growing up in the late 90’s.   Vibe Farmer Thad reached out to us over the weekend and asked if we wanted to do an episode with some of his close friends from CA and it all worked out great to host this evening on Tuesday the 3rd.  With us we had 2 young rippers from the Post Family along with their Father Dave who is one of the Original sponsored members of Volcom.  Dave traveled the world and surfed some epic locations!   Dave is now a professional surf coach and has the experience of coaching his 2 kids Tava and Zeland!   And we were able to have Tava and Zeland on the podcast and their energy was infectious for this episode as it must be in their parents life!   Their Mother Liz has an amazing company she runs by the name of Tava Sunscreen.  Also we had Andy Carr of Sycktrix!! in the studio. Go to the website and check out his creation for skaters.   Hearing the story of how it came to be is a must listen and I am sure my kids will be getting one of these!   Great gift to help a kid learn to be comfortable on a skateboard and doing tricks in a safer environment until they get more comfortable.  Think of the savings in Dr visits!   Thank you all for joining us on this podcast!  Hope you enjoy as we did!  

Here are some links for you to check out showing some of the things going on with this group of Vibe Farmers:

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