Adjust the Mic Episode #171 Hanky Panky @ Burdines

Roll up, podcast fans, for an electrifying episode brimming with chills, spills, and pure laughter! Pull up a chair, pop in those earbuds, and prepare for an auditory thrill ride with your lovable co-hosts, Colleen, Thaddeus, and Scott. But hold onto your hats, because we’re not alone today! We’re joined by the incomparable, the one-and-only, our personal BFF, Mr. Frank Robb from EEARSS.

Folks, when Frank Robb is in the house, you know it’s going to be a riot! Thaddeus, our man of many talents, moonlights at EEARSS with Frank, and trust us when we say they’ve got stories to share that are as hilarious as they are heartwarming.

Buckle up because Frank’s got the mic today, and he’s going to be spinning tales about his upcoming events and his unforgettable escapades in Belize. Let’s just say, we’re green with envy! But that’s what hard work brings, folks—opportunities so dazzling, they make you question reality. And Frank’s the living proof!

Want to be Frank’s shadow? Want to know his every move? You can! Just head over to the EEARSS Events page. And while you’re at it, mark your calendars for Ecofest 2024…we’re bursting with anticipation!

As we dance into the second half, we’re gonna take a nostalgic trip with Colleen. Picture a time machine set to the golden days of her favorite department stores. Destination: Burdine’s! So, get ready to shop ’til you drop…or at least until the podcast ends.

This week, our episode is equal parts informative, comedic, and nostalgic—a truly delicious cocktail for the ears! So, whether you’re new or a long-time listener, you won’t want to miss out on this wild ride. Tune in, kick back, and let us take you on an unforgettable auditory journey. (Edited by ChatGPT)

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Like Now) & The Maybe List(Tonto Goldsteins Band)

Break Music by : Mira Mudd : Sidewalks

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