Adjust the Mic Episode #158 NFL Playoffs with Mr. Tuckerman

Colleen was able to bring her brother Mark(Mr Tuckerman) in for this episode and we had a GREAT time! Charley, Colleen, Scott, and Mark created Episode #158 on this fine Tuesday evening of Jan 17th 2023. We start off the show getting right into a great story from Mr Tuckerman with his Golf life antics. The Giants have a big game coming up this weekend against the Eagles and Colleen & Mark are fully confident in the Giants. Charley & the family spend time in the mountains and Ava and Riley got to see snow! Special stuff! We end the show with a discussion about going to Burger Rob’s this Sat at 11:00am to record an episode and enjoy some kickass Smash Burgers! Come by and enjoy some good food and watch Scott attempt the One Chip Challenge. BurgerRobs Smash Burgers, Dogs and Fries (

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