Adjust the Mic Episode #147 Podcasting at the Comerfords

Episode #147 was recorded on Tuesday August 30th @ Colleen & Brent’s house. Brent cooked some beef tips that were unbelievable to go with this famous Smoked queso! We discussed a number of topics including the Artemis Rocket & more but the reason you want to listen to this episode is all about Colleen, Brent, and their amazing family! They have a non stop always on the go situation that they handle better than anyone. Thank you for letting into your home for this episode!!!! Had a fantastic time! This episode is a MUST listen and goes down as one of my favorite to date. This episode was pure FUN! We will be recording from everyone’s home to give a perspective of each persons home life.

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Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Eat @ Joe’s Track can be found on Spotify) & The Maybe List.

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