Adjust the Mic Episode #73 In Love with the Coco

Episode #73 was recorded on the evening of 10/28. With us on this show was Colleen, Charley, Chris, Scott and guest and long time friend Dawn Hill. We had fun show this evening. Chris give us a peek into the launch schedule over the next few weeks as we have a very busy launch schedule to look forward to here on the Space Coast. We talk about Halloween coming up this weekend & Food gets brought up yet again. We talk about love songs which leads is into the break. After the break we get back to asking some questions to get to know your host some more and listen to a GREAT voicemail! Also thank you for the kinds works and shout out to Kathryn Hadoulias & Angie Larson for all the love and support. We really appreciate it. We love doing this and hope it shows. Means so much when people tell us how much they enjoy listening. Salute!

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