Episode #201 Experiences & Encounters of the Local Kind

In this episode, Thad and Scott hold down the fort while sending love to our missing Colleen. We start with a nostalgic discussion about the value of catalogs in the 80s and 90s, then dive into the late 90s rave and party scene.

We wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the hardworking dads out there!

Next, we talk about the risks and thrills of exploring Florida’s underwater cave systems. At Vibe Farmer Studio, Scott and Thad had a wild boar encounter during a nature walk.

Scott also breaks down the NBA offseason, including the Orlando Magic’s options. A big trade of Alex Caruso for Josh Giddey happened between the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder. Thad shares a cool beach treasure find from the 90s. We end with concerns about possible closures of Playalinda Beach and the importance of supporting public access.

Thanks for listening and for your ongoing support!

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Our Cabin) & The Maybe List(Change the Locks)

Break Music By Indium & Lo Presher

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