Episode #200 Treasure Hunting with Thad & Scott

Join hosts Thad and Scott for an exciting milestone episode of the Adjust the Mic Podcast! While Colleen is off folding shirts with Rob at Tbone Designs and Che is hiking in Seattle before jetting off to Spain, T & S are holding down the fort.

Frank is busy spreading positive vibes through EEARSS.org, and Thad is wrapping up the final track for Kyle & the 8 Minute Miles before diving into studio upgrades at Vibe Farmer Studio. Meanwhile, Scott’s four dogs keep things lively, battling over pig ears as thunder and lightning rage outside.

This episode dives deep into the latest updates with Chat GPT and the growing buzz within the AI community. Are we on the brink of something incredible or terrifying?

News from Galactic Grams! Corey, Monica, Thad, and Scott have revived their digital collectible project from a couple of years back. Check it out at galacticgrams.com and on the Atomic Hub Wax Blockchain.

After the break, Thad takes us into the world of the WSL (World Surf League). Download the app to watch surf competitions for free and see the sport evolve on a global scale. Plus, get the scoop on the new wave pool plans for New Smyrna Beach by PerfectSwellsurf.com—surfing is about to get even more thrilling!

Lastly, we give a big shoutout to Stel Bailey for her unwavering efforts toward clean water in our communities. Your dedication is truly inspiring!

Music Intro & Outro by Lo Presher (Our Cabin) & The Maybe List(Change the Locks)

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