Adjust the Mic Podcast Episode #9 Hanging Tough

Yea we named Episode #9 after Charley’s favorite group growing up NKOTB. Joe told me it was cool to abbreviate the bands name because that’s what the cool kids are doing now a days. It is Wednesday Sept 25th and we have Episode #9 ready for your enjoyment. Thursday night of the 26th we will be at the Hardware Store Downtown Titusville Playalinda Brewery! Your host will be Charley, Joe and Scott and we will be interviewing a legend! We start at 6pm and hope you can stop in and have a drink and say hello! We will have some Coozies(Good ones! None of that cheap stuff!) and also a couple different kinds of stickers. We will hand all out tomorrow and please use them and take pics and post them on our Facebook group! Best pic with our coozies or stickers will get a prize from Joe and Charley’s prize waist satchel. We will come up with something good for the winner lol. Tonight we talk about the event and get into a fun conversation about our favorite bands growing up. Scott starts off terribly but finally kicks it into gear with some good tunes. We talk to our friend Russ on the phone and as always some 3 positive stories and some creepy stuff from Geiser. We are working on a new bit for Joe as well centered around the Central Florida music scene and talk about who is playing where etc. Work in progress. Share your ideas on the Facebook group or can email us at

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Music by Indium

Beats are created by: DAViD
DAViD has some legit talent.
Check out some of his full songs @alittlebitofdavid