Adjust the Mic Podcast Episode #8 Children of the Corn…..Sucka!

The Adjust the Mic Podcast official broadcast system has issued a WARNING. If you do not like children this is not the episode I would recommend but listen to this anyway because you like us and care about our success and stuff. On Episode #8 we have a whole episode of Girls vs the Boys in an epic Peppa Pig Post it Note show down with Lazers and Nerf Guns and outlandish accusations galore. And a Stupid Dancing Robot. Thanks ERICA!!! We do have some quite time and some great conversation about our event next Thursday at the Playalinda Brewery Hardware Store. We are extremely excited about this and hope to see you there. Sept 26th at 6pm next Thursday night. Event is posted for details. We also talk about our first beers we enjoyed and some funny stories as to why. We talk about Cheeseburgers! Whats your fav? My foot is brought up over and over along with Charley who brought his A game with 3 great stories and the Creepy Stories were a bit flat except for some last minute entries. Well done Joe and Charley picking up the slack! Hope you enjoy the show!

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