Adjust The Mic Episode 99.5 Saturday Morning Special

Episode 99.5 was recorded Saturday the 8th. To begin the show we get right into talking slits and balls, Colleens risky social media post, and the families epic trip to Space Coast Field of Dreams! Franks trivia is solved again by someone from the Adjust the Mic group. Well played Angela!!! Is Sabarro’s Pizza good yay or nay? Why would someone wait in line for a White Castle belly bomb? And why do we always go down a damn food rabbit hole? After Break we come back to to a clip of a wine bottle smashing into a patrons skull in a convenience store. In saying that we follow up with HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! Oh and Colleen talks about David Grohl. Then more food talk LOL. Enjoy Ladies and Gents.

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Music Intro & Outro this evening are by Indium & The Maybe List. Break music is by The Nature Kids. Thank you Thad for the track! Local music can be submitted to You can message me on Facebook as well & we will play and plug your music. Any up and coming events please share them in our Facebook group. Any FB live events? Let us know and we will help promote!