Adjust the Mic Episode #87 North Carolina Dude Wipes

Hello and welcome to episode #87. On your journey to enlightenment you will need to listen to this episode in order to stay on the required path of what is right. So please do what is right and download and listen to the Podcast! If you don’t know how we have customer support and Charley is our top customer support rep! Hit him up and start listening! Tonight we have Frank Robb join us who wasn’t able to last week. Good news is there is a date set for his surgery! Not its time to rest and prepare for the road to recovery which we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on how he is doing and you all can follow him on the many social media outlets he is a part of. We love you Frank and wish you the quickest of recoveries! Girl Scout Cookies are in full effect and Colleen has the pairing in place up at the Hardware Store Playalinda Brewery! Colleen gets to take her Mother along with her Brother Mark and family to The Garlic! Such a good place down in New Smyrna! After the Break we get into our weekend plans, bath’s and ball wipes. I will leave the rest to your curiosity so go download right meow and listen.

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Music Intro & Outro this evening are by Indium. Break music also by Indium. Song title is MILK!!! Local music can be submitted to You can message me on Facebook as well & we will play and plug your music. Any up and coming events please share them in our facebook group. Any FB live events? Let us know and we will help promote!