Adjust The Mic Episode #7 Hey Scott what’s wrong with your foot?

Episode 7 is a Jekyll and Hyde type of show. First half pretty spectacular…Then Joe shows up for the second half and things go dark shortly after her on Adjust the Mic. There is also about 5 minutes of me being away on a phone call for work and I am sure I don’t want to know what they talked about. We start off the show with some chat about our experience with the tragic event on Sept 11th. We also discuss the Event we will be creating shortly for our recording up at the Hardware Store in Downtown Titusville, FL at the Playalinda Brewery. We will have a great time and we hope you can make it!!! 2nd half of the show I find out Joe drives through the town my sister lives in smh. We talk about Mattie being correct on the pronunciation of Sego’s. We go a little off the rails with some sensitive subjects and finish off with Joe talking about stuff Joe likes to talk about LOL. See if you guys would help with these descriptions maybe they would lean toward you being the better person in all of these topics. Was a great show and love having Joe on and hope he keeps making it over on Wed nights. Thank you all for listening and all of the kind works and support. We are having a great time with this and hope you feel the same!!

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