Adjust the Mic Episode #69 Oh My Garage with Cindy & Stel

Episode #69 Had to be called Oh My Garage! Its science. Charley fact checked it & Colleen is in charge and made it so. Tonight we have host Colleen, Charley, and Scott with us. We missed you tonight Chris! Joining us were 3 guest that made the evening of Oct 8th special. Crocodilian Phenom Frank Robb joined & connected us with 2 guest that we could have been happier to have with us this evening. Below you will see what Cynthia Dennison and Stel Bailey bring to this episode. The discussion was profound and eye opening. I feel Adjust the Mic has made 2 new friends that we really hope to get more in depth with on future episodes. We went an hour and a half on this episode and we could have doubled that easily. There is some beneficial information and some funny moments as you would come to expect when listening. The best part about this episode is it brings up 2 topics that can be hard to discuss and appeal to a large audience and I feel we were able to do that and make it entertaining. Let me know what you think! Other than some technical issues that Scott needs to deal with the show went splendid. Thank you SO much for joining us this evening Stel & Cindy and hope you enjoy the Bischoff Crunchy Cookie Butter 🙂

Cynthia Dennison is the Director of Victim Services for the North Brevard division of the Women’s Center of Brevard. The Women’s center opened its doors on International Women’s Day , in 1975. Since that time it has endeavored to address issues in our community relating to the impacts of trauma and mental health . Quickly, the center identified that interpersonal violence is not just an issue encountered by women, and expanded services to meet the needs of the entire community, regardless of age or gender. Today, The Women’s Center serves thousands of survivors of trauma in Brevard every year. Services are designed to address both the immediate and long term impacts of interpersonal violence, fostering the development of safe, self-sufficient lives free from violence. Prior to taking on the role of director, Cynthia worked as an advocate with the center for 9 years, assisting victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault with crisis intervention and safety services.

Stel Bailey founded Fight For Zero which is a nonpartisan organization in the state of Florida dedicated to the environment and defending everyone’s right to a healthy community.  We create awareness, build community engagement, educate, empower people, and deliver effective solutions that will help future generations.

There’s no time to waste in coming together to fight for zero contaminates in our water, soil, and air â€“ which is why Fight For Zero is providing resources to make a difference in every county across the state of Florida. Fight For Zero’s team consists of scientists, lawyers, communication experts, programmers, policy experts, doctors, and parents who work tirelessly to stand up for future generations.

Through our online databases, reports, crowdsourcing, education, and campaigns, we are empowering Floridians to live healthier by caring for the environment. 

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Music Intro and Outro are by Indium. Old school local band from back in our day! Really cool of them to allow us to use their music! We are VERY pleased to say we have Lo Presher & Josh Whitaker’s music for your enjoyment! THANK YOU so much to Thad for allowing us to listen some music that brings back old memories and adds to the insanely professional quality of music to the show along with Indium, The Nature Kids, The Maybe List, and Josh Keels! You all are amazing at what you do and for us to be able to share it for all of Brevard Country and across the interwebs for everyones listening pleasure! And a big thank you to Josh for allowing us to enjoy your music and to share it with your community! Any local music can be submitted to or message me on Facebook and we will play and plug your music. Any up and coming events please share them in our facebook group. Any FB live events? Let us know and we will help promote!