Adjust the Mic Episode #51 The Snowflake Escapades

Episode #51 didn’t go as planned. It went better. Well we honestly didn’t even start out with a plan. Joe couldn’t make it but Charley, Colleen, Brent, and Scott held it down and had a hell of a show! This episode was taken over by a Snowflake accuser on our Facebook group page. She even attacked people who agreed with her. It was a glorious occasion. Our group stepped up and handled it. It is mainly Scott’s ex wife’s fault for sharing with me in the first place and I then shared it to the page. Aunt Jemima I will always love you but understand why it is time to retire! You gave me years of calories and I should be angry because you kept me from Maple Syrup for way too long! Charley win’s Space trivia! And we discuss the news about Chris D’Elia and his troubles. Crazy news and crazy times we are in! Hope we can provide a safe haven from it all and take up a little of your time every week. Thanks for all the support! We are growing as a show and the audience is also growing. Lets keep it going! Lots more to come.

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Music Intro and Outro are by Indium. Old school local band from back in our day! Really cool of them to allow us to use their music! Any local music can be submitted to or message me on Facebook and we will play and plug your music.