Adjust the Mic Episode #34 Nocturnal Canadian Beaver

Episode #34 is up and ready to go. We have a full house on this fine Monday evening. Show is out early this week and perfect timing because Brent served up some LEGIT brisket for us to grub on before the show. Thank you so much for it and keep it coming Brent! So good! We talk about our weekends, NBA All Star game for 5 seconds, Dayton 500, Our kids and spying on their online content and Colleen brings in some trivia for us! Great show and hope you enjoy it! Make sure to let us know if you can make it next Wednesday to the Brix Project at around 7:30pm. We are heading over after we record the show. Bring the kids or not. Either way come hang for a bit at the Playalinda Brewery Brix Project Feb 26th next Wednesday.

You can listen to us anywhere you listen to your podcast. Go to and can subscribe to iTunes, stitcher, google play or listen directly from the website. We are also now on Spotify but having some issues with the podcast showing up properly. Only a few episodes are working on there so stay tuned and we are working on figuring this out! So you can type in Adjust the Mic almost anywhere and find us easily. Hope you enjoy the show tonight. Had a great time recording it for you!

Music Intro and Outro are by Indium. Break Music by The Nature Kids! Hope you enjoy!!