Episode #29 is ready to go! The show support lately has been unreal! A beautiful thing. Thank you for all of your support. It means so much to us all and we are having an blast recording these episodes. Keep the feedback coming. Want us to ask a question for us to read and use for an episode? Email us at Adjustthemic@gmail.com . Tonight we talk about our event at Bugnutty Brewery in Cocoa Village at 225 King Street in Cocoa Florida this Saturday. We will be starting at around 1pm. Come join us! We discuss our favorite teachers so and have a facebook group topic on this so go share in the discussion! Charly, Gnar Gnar, Ben, and I went on a little trip to Melbourne Tuesday night for a Black Flag show. Charley talks about how creepy I was stalking lead Singer Mike Vallely before the show. And I 100% did and would again. Long time fan Mike V. Your Greatest Hits DVD was of legend! We talk Superbowl and some AMAZING news from Colleen.. (It is a good one).

You can listen to us anywhere you listen to your podcast. Go to www.Adjustthemic.com and can subscribe to iTunes, stitcher, google play or listen directly from the website. We are also now on Spotify! So you can type in Adjust the Mic almost anywhere and find us easily. Hope you enjoy the show tonight. Had a great time recording it for you!

Music Intro and Outro are by Indium. They are an old school local band from back in our day and really cool of them to allow us to use their music! Our break music this evening by The Nature Kids! Another old school local band. They did the intro to the Drew Garabo Show on Real Radio back in the day! Used to play at Saphire downtown and Wills Pub on the regular. You will def enjoy! Big thanks and respect to Troy! Any local music can be submitted to Adjustthemic@gmail.com or message me on Facebook and we will play and plug your music. You can also reach out to Joe Miller as he will be handing and trying to help promote all local music