Adjust the Mic Episode #26 F#CK the Klopeks with Guest Kara

Episode #26 was a full house with special guest Kara who manages the Brix Project along with the 3 stooges and Colleen from the Hardware Store. We talk about 80’s movies, kidney stones, fat Scott who used to run track and cross country like a gazelle, Charley’s hair, Brix Project is SOOOOOOO GOOD, Kara plays Hoops!, Lets laugh at Scott some more, and some more, Scott is cranky, Charley is happy and I hated him like Hans Klopec himself. Charley was on Pat Garrity level this evening. Joe was instigating every situation humanly possibly with the tightest khaki’s I have ever seen. I think they were dry fit spandex. Colleen had some fun trivia for us this evening. Was fun! We also talked about our music selections and picked some new ones for this week to check out. Some fun choices this week! A big thing we talk about as well is Llyod Have Mercy! Chef Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible is heading to Titusville! Check out the show and hear our thoughts! We wish them all the best. One of my favorite places to eat out at in Titusville! We also talk about Episode #27 coming out in a couple days where I get to sit down without two of the stooges and talk to my Cousin Mike Anello from Mattress Direct Oviedo! Great conversation and some funny bits might have come up from all of this. Stay tuned!

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Music Intro and Outro are by Indium and break music this evening is all about Joshua Keels. Good friend of Joe’s and plays all over Brevard County! Go to some of his events! Has some great music out there for all to hear.  You can find him on uTube @

And also on Facebook @

Thank you for allowing us to play your music on our Podcast.  We really appreciate it Josh!

 Any local music can be submitted to or message me on Facebook and we will play and plug your music. You can also reach out to Joe, Charley, or myself. Appreciate the hustle and welcome to help each other move our content!