Adjust the Mic Episode #20 Christmas Spirit AF

Episode #20 is ready for your enjoyment. Be ready because 2 of the host are CHRISTMAS AF right now and 1 is feeling the pressure to get in the spirit asap! We are happy to be back and recording episodes. We talk about our Thanksgivings and get into our song selections and tell all what we thought of them. We also give this weeks songs to check out and review. Joe and Charley post the songs in our Facebook group for the listeners to check out and share their thoughts as well! We talk about our favorite and most hated Christmas songs, one of the best prank calls I have ever made, and many other topics that I am forgetting right now. The show is growing and please help us continue that trend! We appreciate all of the participation! Invite friends and family to listen to the show. Take people phones and show people how to subscribe. So many people don’t even know what a podcast is still. Lets change that!

You can listen to us anywhere you listen to your podcast. Go to and can subscribe to itunes, stitcher, google play or listen directly from the website. We are also now on Spotify! So you can type in Adjust the Mic almost anywhere and find us easily. Hope you enjoy the show tonight. Had a great time recording it for you!

Music Intro and Outro are by Indium and break music by The Maybe List. They are an old school local band from back in our day and really cool of them to allow us to use their music! Any local music can be submitted to or message me on Facebook and we will play and plug your music. You can also reach out to Joe Miller as he will be handing and trying to help promote all local music!