Adjust the Mic Episode #15 We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Episode #15 is in the books. Halloween Eve. Joe Miller plays hooky after making out with Scott and catching his cold. Our friend Derek fills in and does a hell of a job. Tonight’s show was fun. We had some Horror Movie talk, Costumes we wore growing up, Some local Playalinda Beach conversation that will give a chuckle and so on. Charley and Joe are going on a trip together and I did hand over the portable equipment for them to do a show. I REALLY hope they come back with some content. If not I need your help giving them a hard time. Thank you in advance because I am betting on getting nada back. Mfers! The Family Escapades of the Millers and the Lords(MAKE IT HAPPEN). Enjoy the episode and thank you to all of our friends and family who support us in doing this podcast. We know it is a small thing but have big plans in the future and your support and listening to our show means more than you might know. It feels great to be able to put ourselves out here like this and for it to get the positive feedback we get. Stay tuned for more to come. And Joe will be announcing the winner on the Facebook Listener download contest so be on the lookout for that and if you have submitted an entry on our facebook group price message him as much as you want asking when he is going to announce the winner! Thank you in advance. Thanks Charley and Derek for showing up and making this show glorious this evening!

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