Adjust the Mic Episode #14 Peanut Butter Whiskey & Coughing

Episode #14 is up and we are back in the studio after a week off while Scott was out of town. Scott comes back with a cough that is heard and trolled throughout the show. My cough is even called into question so much as I should be given an acting award for my performance. On this episode we talk about the trip Scott took to CA. We discuss Anxiety and the use of CBD and THC in treating anxiety. We go on break and try some Peanut Butter Whiskey and get Joe and Charley back in the mood to harass Scott and his poor pathetic sounding cough. Orlando Magic are playing Cleveland for Game one this evening as well and During a call with Russ we get to talk about the Magic some. And they came out with a victory! So it will be a new rule that we talk about the Magic every episode for good luck. Glad we could come to that decision together fellas! lol. We had a good show this week and it was good getting back into the flow of things. Be on the look out for some future guest on the show. Also Joe and Charley are going on a trip and hopefully they take the portable setup so they can interview and discuss their trip. Maybe we can make it into a full episode. The Family Escapades of the Millers and the Lords. Enjoy the episode and thank you all for the support!

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