Adjust the Mic Episode #13 Vintage ATM Volume 1

Episode #13 is going to be a Vintage Adjust the Mic episode. I will be away on a business trip this week and wanted to make sure we have some content out there. I cherry picked this episode because it has one of the first times Charley was on Adjust the Mic. Might be the first time if I am not mistaken. We were already doing the Seasoned Beef Sports Podcast at this time though. On this episode I want to put out a warning. This is a group of friends talking about a variety of subjects. But there are “going for the jugular moments” mostly at my expense lol. We had a couple of long time good friends of ours on this episode as well. Derek and Ralph. The Co-Host at the time was Stan and Jared along with myself. Charley was on this episode for the Star Wars talk we had on some portions of this episode. Other than that a lot of really funny stories and if you want to laugh at me this might be the one that gets it done. This will show you what they show used to be. I hope you enjoy! I kept it all original with the intro and everything.

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