Adjust the Mic Episode #118 Love & Sunblock with Amanda

This weeks Episode was fantastic. We had a full crew of Colleen, Charley, Chris, & Scott. Our guest was Amanda Hunt from Love & Sunblock. She is a friend and someone we have wanted to have on for quite some time. Amanda’s been on some much smaller shows to prepare for the bigtime such as The Today Show / Good morning America / The Florida Today & many more. She has a GREAT conversation with Stel Baily with Fight for Brevard: Link Here. We get a glimpse of what she goes through and the things that are helping her and her family during this time and I hope everyone finds value you this episode. She is an amazing human who is putting her story out there to help everyone who is open to listen and be aware of the dangers of cancer and how it can affect you. Amanda has a website Love & Sunblock that shows her GoFundMe, Merchandise, and the many publications and articles that are beneficial to anyone wanting to know more! Stay tuned for more Amanda in our future on the show.

After the Break we get into our normal banter on Fantasy Football. Scott’s team is on a roll! Watch out. Thicc Hicks and Colleen are the new bottom dwellers of the league muhahaha. We also get into some of our High School drama from back in the day and end the episode with some Trivia. ENJOY!!

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