Episode #58 Adjust the Beef NFL Draft Night

We had a full house for NFL Draft night.  Charley, Ian, Jake, Jared and Scott for this episode.   Sounds great.  Some great football conversations and all kinds of energy.  Some def talking over each other with 5 of us in here.  Charlie, Jake and Ian all going at it on the topic of Football is just hilarious and a good time.  Was great having everyone over.  I will keep this description short and sweet.  Want to say as well I have been having a HELL of a time getting our sound back to where it was solid.  After changing computers and buying some more audio stuff with similar drivers to my ASIO drivers I had the sound TOTALLY screwed up and conflicting.  Uninstalled everything and reinstalled and tonight the sound was back on point.  I think/hope I have it all set for good now.  Appreciate any feedback!

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