Episode #50 Inception Shitting with Exotic Porta Potty

Episode #50 is up and ready for your listening pleasure.  Had fun tonight.  I even put in my segment of the year clip/plug “In the Butt” on this show haha.  Jared, Stan and I were on the mic tonight.  We start off with some Hawaii talk and the insane thing that happened to all of the people out there.  Such a heart wrenching situation.  We then get into some Magic talk along with Jared’s Porta Potty shitting mystery.  Oh and also the TABLES HAVE TURNED JARE BEAR!  🙂   After the Break we  talk about the up and coming Supernatural convention in Orlando this coming weekend.  Along with my Achilles injury that Stan things is not Gout but Gouch!  And now I am Oscar the Gouch supposedly.   Sean NO PHOTOSHOPS! Haha.   Anyway check out the episode and let me know what you think.   One last topic I forgot to bring up earlier.  I have a situation where I might have said something offensive to another culture and we discuss if my context was correct or not.  Let me know what you think.

You can listen via the first link below or you can also find us on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and wherever else you listen to your podcast.

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