Episode #45 Exotic Planning and Podcasting

Episode #45 is on the web and ready for your ears to enjoy like listening to a Viola Thot do a solo at a Halloween festival. “Laughtrack”  On this episode we start off having a funny pre-show conversation about our intro’s etc and a good while into the show we do an almost uninterrupted intro and talk about the Wayback Burger in Titusville being opened and we are setting a time to FB live the challenge while we record.   So be on the lookout for that time.   Hope it works out well enough to view and join in on the funny.  We then get into a little bit of politics and then over into some Magic talk.  Much more that I am forgetting so listen to it and remind me on our FB page.   Thanks again for all of the support you all give us.  Its been amazing seeing our growth as a show and we can’t thank you enough for spreading the word and telling me something made you laugh or something we talked about was interesting or thank you for the sports talk….NICK haha.  We love the feedback and hope to continue to bring an entertaining podcast to your car, truck, home, or wherever you listen to podcast.  #podcast #podcasting #podcastmafia #bcpn #titusville #thetruthaboutadjustthemic #adjustthemic

Music By The Passion HiFi
Legit!   Check em out!

Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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