Episode #44 Ragin’ Cajuns

Episode #44 is up and ready to enjoy.  This is a long episode.  We had a crew of Stan Jared and I along with friend of the show Ethan.   Ethan Stan and I first talk about our trip to New Orleans this past weekend.  We then get into a solid discussion of beating up waves of 2nd graders with a 5th grader boss joining in on the battle every 5 waves.  Jared had a solid battle plan lol.  After that we get into a prob the best Orlando Magic discussion ever with full on arguments and all.  Everyone loves a good on air dispute so here you go.  Thanks for joining us on the show Ethan.  Always good having you on the show.

We are getting a lot of downloads and we can’t thank you all enough for the support. We don’t put ourselves out there much so it means a lot. THANK YOU!

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