Episode #43 NERDS

Episode #43 is out and ready for your listening pleasure. This was recorded by Jared, Stan and I.  The title is NERDS because we pretty much nerded out talking about gaming to start off.  We also get into the early days of watching videos on the inter webs through some of the other sites that were around before uTube etc.  We get into the old days of using mIRC to chat and use for various communications. We discuss our weekend some.  I talk a little about the Weekend and going to the Tom and Dan Beach Party at Coconuts in Cocoa Beach, FL.  They put on such a good event there every year!  Was great getting a little time to talk to Travis and Samantha at the event also who have their Podcast Samantics.  Also got to see Swervey having a great time!  Wed night Jared and Stan are going to see Neil Degrasse Tyson  at the Bob Carr Theater.  Should be an awesome time.   We get into some science conversation after the Neil topic started. We finally talk about Flat Earthers a little bit btw Adam Poston lol.   Took us long enough haha.  We also get into religion some and then into Puerto Rico and what is happening down there. Finish off with some Magic talk that we wanted to discuss more but it was getting late.  Hope you enjoy this episode!   Shout out to #TheTwistedTen and #LivingPodcariously!  #finallytalkedabouttheflatearthdummies #podcastmafia #bcpn #adjustthemic #burnitdownshow #samantics #swerveyjonesshow

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