Episode #42 Down in Fraggle Scott

Another episode of Adjust the Mic.  Episode #42 was recorded by Stan the man, Exotic Pork, and Scott the Stalker.  The Ladies were out this evening.  So conversation was flowing interruption free.  Was glorious haha!  JKJK we missed Karissa and Mattie this evening. Hopefully we will have both back for next episode.  We talk about our weekend and it goes into a rabbit hole of conversations.  Some borderline too far.  I blame it on the Netflix animated show Big Mouth by Nick Kroll etc.   Hilarious but crazy ass show.  They take it to another level for sure.  Since Mattie wasn’t in we came up with more ways for her to make money as a side show.  Also get into the shitty Dolphins and a wormhole of other conversations.  Hope you enjoy!  Shoutout to the #podcastmafia #Burnitdownshow #atm #adjustthemic #bcpn #twistedten #livingpodcariously #samantics

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