Episode #41 The Adventures of Harry Bodder

The last few episodes have been some of my favorite that we have recorded and this one is right in line as well.   We added a little sumpin sumpin back to the intro as well.  Just had to be there Stan.  You were right.  Mattie talks about worm butthole pills.  We talk about what everyone plans on being for Halloween this year and it turns into some old stories that turn into more old stories and into the wormhole of not butts but stories lol.   We all need individual theme music for each host for the introductions.  Any ideas?  Let us know.   I am thinking we might make them ourselves or damn I will probably have to make them all.  Jared isn’t even subscribed to the damn podcast and fell asleep during the damn show.  Shout out to Elijah.  There are a ton of great stories in this episode.  Quite a bit of content about tricking and scaring each other growing up etc etc.   Hope you enjoy!

Beats are created by: DAViD
DAViD has some legit talent.  Check him out and support his work!
Check out some of his full songs @alittlebitofdavid

Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Great place to check out and please support his work!

Art by my daughter.



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