Episode #40 Jekyll and Hyde Episode

Episode 40 is ready for your listening pleasure.  This one goes in two completely different directions.  Hence the title.   First half of the show is your normal every day lets make fun of Scott and lets make fun of Jared since he wasn’t able to make it tonight. First half was totes hilarious.   Second half started off like the first half and then we got into a political conversation and the dynamic changed quite a bit.  I feel like it was good though and a good topic with a lot of passion behind it from all walks of life.  A little heated and some tension in the air for sure but good all in all.  I enjoy getting into some of the serious topics we get into from time to time.  I hope you all do as well.  Anyway check out the new episode!   Please throw us some feedback and appreciate all who listen!

Beats are created by: DAViD
DAViD has some legit talent.
Check out some of his full songs @alittlebitofdavid

Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com )
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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