Episode #39 Sweet Pea the Kareem Hunter

Took us long enough but at last a new episode.  #39.  We talk about how amazing my fantasy teams are this year so far.  Our friend Cyndi is back at work with us.  Yay!  I was a member of the Safety patrol.  Better recognize.  We all have some good stories of our first kiss.  Some of us didn’t remember lol.  Stan’s friends used to carry little people in backpacks(The jokes that went down on this topic were epic!). we get into the hurricane some but mainly how we are just over hearing about it.  Some great growing up stories.  And the end of the episode is dedicated to Game of Thrones talk.  Mainly between Stan and I.  Co-host were coming and going on this episode.  1st segment was Jared, Mattie and I.  2nd segment was the whole crew.  Final segment Mattie took off and Jared just walked out on it in typical fashion haha.  Was a fun show.  Hope you enjoy! Thanks to all of the other podcast who put effort in during the storm to release some good content!  #podcastmafia #bcpn #burnitdown #livingpodcariously

Beats are created by: DAViD
DAViD has some legit talent.
Check out some of his full songs @alittlebitofdavid

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