Episode #38 Elijah and Soultree Part 1

This is a must listen haha.  We 100% will be having Sean and his alter ego Elijah back along  Lu and her forest ego Soultree back the studio to talk about what had happened on this episode.  It was EPIC and we all had a GREAT time!!!!  Was our first show doing shots during each break.  We recorded Sat night after one of our football drafts and before the big PPV boxing match etc.  We are so happy they came to join us and brought some amazing gifts for the studio.  All of Sean’s Photoshop’s!  Mattie also received a Paul Walker shirt.  Soultree had some great stories that we need to finish next time they come and Sean was passed out half way through the show and we had a lot more to talk to him about as well.  So this is part 1 for that reason.  I know you all will enjoy this shit show of a hilarious episode.  Was chaos and we loved it.  Thank you all for everything!   We had Stan, Mattie, Sean, Lu, and I while Jared had to deal with a personal issue.  Check us out at www.adjustthemic.com and please give us a 5 star rating and review on iTunes!   It helps us get our content out there.   Shout out to the all of our listeners and friends in the podcast community.  You all know who you are!   Pretty special being able to do this with people like you all in the community helping eachother and working together.  The support means so much.  #podcastmafia #bcpn #centralflorida #titusville #podcast #podcasting

Music By The Passion HiFi


Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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