Episode #19 Skywalker Death Controversy

Episode #19 people. On this episode it was just the guys. It is our first episode with the new mixer etc. And I must say I can tell a huge difference on sound quality. Such a relief. Fucking being called adjust the mic was about right. Took almost 20 episodes for this newbie to figure shit out. Ok we give some props to a few of our very few fans haha. Charley Lord​ David Santana​ Sean Leonhard​ I love you guys. Except you Dave for putting me in the fucking birdbath with Jared. And the worst pic of me being so damn fat too. MF!!
We also give some props to the great time the Burn it Down Show Podcast put on at the Gold Lion Sat night. Hell of a good time! Jason Presnell​ and Jennifer Presnell​ huge congrats on the 1 year anniversary. We have out first shit show trivia night on this episode. Let me know if you like it. Might see if we can make it a weekly deal. Stan Edwards​ you forgot the Dad joke of this week on this episode! haha. We also mess around with the new Mixer while we try and figure it what all it does. The effects part is pretty damn funny towards the end of the show.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #19 Skywalker Death Controversy”

  1. Jared’s argument that ‘Vader killed Anakin’ on the grounds that Obi Wan said so is invalid. Obi Wan only adopted that concept to protect young Luke from the truth of who his father was. and Vader saying he killed Anakin is just a metaphor. just because Tanto Goldstein says he killed Shawn Johnson as an excuse to go out, get drunk and act like an asshole doesn’t make it true. it just makes me look like a douche.

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