Episode #18 Roast the Host who does the Most

Sorry for the delay in getting a new episode up people.  I know how much all 3 of you have been struggling with the fast that we have taken so long to record another show.  And this one is 100% ridiculous.   The title pretty much speaks for it self.  Since everyone knows I do EVERYTHING.  We had a damn good time getting this recorded.  We had a full house with Karissa, Stan, Jared and myself along with special guest 9 Patty Mattie!!  Some of the talking points included Jared and his fascination with bird bath shots, Dad Jokes, Me doing everything, Mattie and the triple triple challenge, #mattieaintnohollarbackgirl #letnickgo, A little Movie/TV show conversation and pretty much the whole time roasting the fuck out of me.  Also Mattie, Jared and I get into a work conversation explaining how much of a condescending asshole I am.  I think that pretty much covers it.  Check it out and hope you enjoy.

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