Episode #17 America Fuck Yea!

Welcome to another episode of Adjust the Mic. We recorded this last Thursday the 2nd and I am finally getting off my ass to get it uploaded. Was a fun episode. We start out with some Disney talk again. After about 20 minutes or so we get into some politics. Many changes are coming weather we agree or not and it is going to get interesting going forward. We end up the show with some old school movie/TV talk. A topic I want to expand upon going forward. We only touched the tip of the ice burg on that because of a topic. All in all it was a long fun session. We threw out some shout outs as well to the Tom and Dan show along with the Podcast Mafia, Burn it down, Swervy Jones, and Steezy’s Trap House. Congrats to the 1 year anniversary for the Trap house! Also March 11th another big event! Burn it down is having their 1 year anniversary! March 11th at the Gold Lion Pub in Titusville, FL. Check it out!!!

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