Episode #16 Story Time with Tonto Goldstein

Episode #16 is ready for your listening pleasure. This is one of my favorite episodes to date. Really enjoyed the conversation and had a great guest join us. Welcome back anytime Tonto Goldstein! Episode was recorder Jan 16th 2017. We start out the show discussing drone legalities and quickly get into our new addiction which is Titan Fall 2 on PS4. Tonto was a top dog in World or Warcraft and it was interesting to hear about. We always throw in a little political banter and some social issues. Everyone will be happy to hear we have a 12 million dollar update. I am still all on my own on that one haha. We finish off the show with some more social conversation with Obamacare/ACA. Finally in the end Tonto gets to ask each of us some questions he has been waiting to bring to the table. Hope you all listen and enjoy the show. Give us some feedback at Adjustthemic@gmail.com or in our facebook group. Appreciate the support!

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