Episode #17 America Fuck Yea!

Welcome to another episode of Adjust the Mic. We recorded this last Thursday the 2nd and I am finally getting off my ass to get it uploaded. Was a fun episode. We start out with some Disney talk again. After about 20 minutes or so we get into some politics. Many changes are coming weather we agree or not and it is going to get interesting going forward. We end up the show with some old school movie/TV talk. A topic I want to expand upon going forward. We only touched the tip of the ice burg on that because of a topic. All in all it was a long fun session. We threw out some shout outs as well to the Tom and Dan show along with the Podcast Mafia, Burn it down, Swervy Jones, and Steezy’s Trap House. Congrats to the 1 year anniversary for the Trap house! Also March 11th another big event! Burn it down is having their 1 year anniversary! March 11th at the Gold Lion Pub in Titusville, FL. Check it out!!!

Episode #16 Story Time with Tonto Goldstein

Episode #16 is ready for your listening pleasure. This is one of my favorite episodes to date. Really enjoyed the conversation and had a great guest join us. Welcome back anytime Tonto Goldstein! Episode was recorder Jan 16th 2017. We start out the show discussing drone legalities and quickly get into our new addiction which is Titan Fall 2 on PS4. Tonto was a top dog in World or Warcraft and it was interesting to hear about. We always throw in a little political banter and some social issues. Everyone will be happy to hear we have a 12 million dollar update. I am still all on my own on that one haha. We finish off the show with some more social conversation with Obamacare/ACA. Finally in the end Tonto gets to ask each of us some questions he has been waiting to bring to the table. Hope you all listen and enjoy the show. Give us some feedback at Adjustthemic@gmail.com or in our facebook group. Appreciate the support!

Episode #15 Growing up with Green Sheets

Welcome to another episode of Adjust the Mic! The show is titled Growing up with Green Sheets. You will find out early in the show what that is all about. We talk about a variety of topics including the holiday season, struggles of growing up, Disney passes, Fantasy Football season is over, and a few minutes of social issues at the end. Hope you enjoy this episode and please message us with any discussions or comments you have for us. You can email us at adjustthemic@gmail.com. Our website is www.adjustthemic.com.

Episode #14 Jared Rockefeller and the Squatty Potty

Check out Episode #14. This was a 2 hour podcast but I felt like we needed to split it up into 2 shows. The one you will be hearing is Titles Jared Rockefeller and the Squatty Potty. We get into a range of topics. Scott makes the Fantasy football playoffs for the first time in 9 years. Jared buys a Drone and also likes to check out our friends moms panties. We lightly touch on President Twitter. Jared’s Grandma farted on Scott on Thanksgiving. Squatty Potty is a think and a childhood song haha. There is much more we covered so check out the show and let u know what you think! Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode #13 Dumbing Shit Down

Episode #13 is a doozy. Titled Dumbing Shit Down. We get into many issues and impacts the new President and our government will possibly bring to the United States going forward. We discuss as Stan would say it….”Our Biggest BADDEST FUCKING Military” We talk about race and break down some election numbers. Some other topics are Veterans Day, Our take on how the government works, crime, and Bob Ross the military man/painter. This is a long episode. I feel like we put together a good thought provoking episode. Remember to like and give us a subscribe and review on itunes and also you can like and follow us on Soundcloud. You can email us at adjustthemic@gmail.com and get info from our website at www.adjustthemic.com

Episode #12 Lapis Purple Lambro

Another episode of Adjust the Mic is out for your listening pleasure or displeasure haha. We talk about the Magic vs Philly game for the first 15 or so minutes. Stan went with some friends up to the Gator vs Bulldogs game up in Jacksonville over the weekend. We about traveling and truck driving a bit which turns into our car accident stories. We finish off the show with some more about the up and coming 2016 presidential race which is a week away from being decided. Hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy creating it! Hit us up on our Facebook group Adjust the Mic and our website adjustthemic.com

Episode #11 Rudy and his 12 Million Dollar Rocket

Check out episode #11. This was a great episode. Had a lot of fun with this one. We talked Magic Basketball along with some other sports involved chatter. We also got into the Zika Virus a little with it turning into watching this freaky ass old 1932 movie called Freaks. Check it out on our Facebook group Adjust the Mic. Hope you enjoy!

Episode #10 Sports and Happiness in America

Episode #10 is now out. This is a short show. We discussed our Fantasy Football teams along with the up and coming Orlando Magic season. Also got into some discussions about the up and coming election again and being Happy in America. Hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode #9 Grab that Hurricane by the Pussy

Good evening all. This show was awesome. I think we might be getting the hang of this some. Def getting some things figured out. This show we get into the Hurricane and how we all handled the storm. We grab that debate by the pussy that is for sure. Jared plays Skip-Bo with his grandparents and hires kids to clean his yard. Def a fun episode to record and even edit. Please follow us on Soundcloud and iTunes. Email us at Adjustthemic@gmail.com(Nobody has emailed us Jared kindly pointed out) Also give us a 5* and a review on iTunes if you could be so kind. Appreciate you listening!

Episode #8 Spirit Animals with Mattie

This episode is a long one. And was a lot of fun to record. Mattie was our guest this week and we had a great time discussing her spirit animal along with some other talents she possesses. We get into some politics that get heated a bit in the end but all is good fun. Hope you enjoy!