Episode #28 Twilight at Jareds

Episode #28 for your listening pleasure. On this episode we have a full house. Stan, Jared, Karissa, Mattie, and Scott. We talk about the car accident that happened right outside of his house the evening before this was recorded. We also talk about Jared and I running people over with our vehicles. We talk about my trip down to the BDM meetup on Sat night down in Melbourne hosted by my buddy Craig and also got to hang out with Photoshop Sean! Stan and Karissa went to go see the new Avatar setup at Disney last week and tell us a little bit about it. Jared admits to his twilight addiction as well!  The jokes were flying so hope you enjoy!

Episode #27 L8ERZZZ

Episode #27 is ready for you to enjoy. First off let me say FUCK YOU SEAN! That might get said a few times during the show. Your not supposed to Photoshop the host who does the most sir. Tonight we have another long episode. There was def a men vs women vibe going on during this recording. We bounced around alot of topics. I tell an awful story about fishing. Mattie is all moved into her new place. Jared likes to say LATERZ hence the title. Hope you enjoy this masterpiece.

Episode #26 Story Time with Stan

Episode #26 is now out for your listening pleasure. We talk about some old stories from our high school days. A few friends of the show sit in with us and we have a great time. We call Mattie and discuss the up and coming Hamburger eating challenge with Hanna. Hanna tries to stir the pot some and get some competition going but Mattie is all about that teamwork. Jared talks about his little beat machine at the end of the episode haha. Hope you enjoy the show!

Episode #25 Viola Thot

I do not like the title of this episode.  This is being used against my better judgement. I should of cut out much more than I did.  Mattie is moving this weekend so we give her a call.   We also blackmail her so we can have a place to have our 4th of July fireworks extravaganza.  We talk about my beautiful Viola playing and during our break I play an AMAZING solo for your listening pleasure haha.  Jared drove a Yellow modern VW bug in High school evening though the new modern style VW’s didn’t exist back in the 1990’s.   We also call in and talk to my mom!!!  Her first time on the show.   I regret this episode as much or more than the last one.  SMH

Episode#24 4ft 20in

Happy 420 everyone! I wanted to get this posted before the end of the night. Had a blast recording this tonight. In the studio we had Stan, Jared and Scott along with our 1st ever phone chat with 9PattyMatty. I think everyone can guess the main topic from the Title. Stan tells an amazing story from back in his time in the military. Shoutout to the #podcastmafia. Oh yea also I created a new intro on this episode. Let me know what you think. Is this the one I should use for a bit or go back to the drawing board? Thanks again for listening to the shows! PLEASE if you have a minute please give us a 5 star review on iTunes. It really helps out the show. Thank you much and hope you enjoy the show!

Episode #23 NOT Scott the Thot

Here is another episode of Adjust the Mic. #23 NOT Scott thot. I am not even going to give this one much of a explanation. Mattie wanted to call this episode Roast the Host VOL 2 or something like that. I get picked on yet again. I honestly feel like this was one of our funniest episodes yet. Let me know what you think.

Episode #22 Chicken Fish Sticks

Episode #22 is ready for your enjoyment. We get into various topics. Stan went to a fishing tournament with a buddy. Orlando Magic are up to no good again SMH!!!! We talk about Jared’s passion for getting a good deal for 4th of July entertainment. I bought some chickens for the kids and you will cry laugh when you hear about my son naming his chicken. There is more so listen to the show and let us know what you think! Join our Facebook group Adjust the Mic and head over to our website at www.Adjustthemic.com. Hope you enjoy!

Episode #21 You Lie too Mosh

Episode #21 coming at ya!  We finally talk about Scotty the Bodies mosh pit tragedy at Pennywise a few years ago.  Stan the Man goes to a cool NPR event at the old ass Bob Carr Theater.    Scott also saw John Gabriel at a Doug Stanhope show.  IT WAS HIM DAMMIT.  50% sure!  HAHA.  Karissa has an amazing flight on a concord!!!!!!!   And also LETS TALK ABOUT TRUMP BABY!  LETS TALK ABBBBOUUTTT IT.  Hope you enjoy!

Episode #20 Exotic Princess

Episode #20! Recorded 3/20/17 with Karissa, Stan, Jared and Scott.  This episode is a under an hour.  We talk about a few different topics.  We talk a bit about Jared and his Purple VW bug he had in high school.  Jared brings up how bad women drivers are.  We give some props to our FB groups photoshop expertise.  FBI investigation is discussed some along with a few other short topics.  Hope you enjoy!

Episode #19 Skywalker Death Controversy

Episode #19 people. On this episode it was just the guys. It is our first episode with the new mixer etc. And I must say I can tell a huge difference on sound quality. Such a relief. Fucking being called adjust the mic was about right. Took almost 20 episodes for this newbie to figure shit out. Ok we give some props to a few of our very few fans haha. Charley Lord​ David Santana​ Sean Leonhard​ I love you guys. Except you Dave for putting me in the fucking birdbath with Jared. And the worst pic of me being so damn fat too. MF!!
We also give some props to the great time the Burn it Down Show Podcast put on at the Gold Lion Sat night. Hell of a good time! Jason Presnell​ and Jennifer Presnell​ huge congrats on the 1 year anniversary. We have out first shit show trivia night on this episode. Let me know if you like it. Might see if we can make it a weekly deal. Stan Edwards​ you forgot the Dad joke of this week on this episode! haha. We also mess around with the new Mixer while we try and figure it what all it does. The effects part is pretty damn funny towards the end of the show.