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Episode #11 Rudy and his 12 Million Dollar Rocket

Check out episode #11. This was a great episode. Had a lot of fun with this one. We talked Magic Basketball along with some other sports involved chatter. We also got into the Zika Virus a little with it turning into watching this freaky ass old 1932 movie called Freaks. Check it out on our Facebook group Adjust the Mic. Hope you enjoy!

Episode #10 Sports and Happiness in America

Episode #10 is now out. This is a short show. We discussed our Fantasy Football teams along with the up and coming Orlando Magic season. Also got into some discussions about the up and coming election again and being Happy in America. Hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode #9 Grab that Hurricane by the Pussy

Good evening all. This show was awesome. I think we might be getting the hang of this some. Def getting some things figured out. This show we get into the Hurricane and how we all handled the storm. We grab that debate by the pussy that is for sure. Jared plays Skip-Bo with his grandparents and hires kids to clean his yard. Def a fun episode to record and even edit. Please follow us on Soundcloud and iTunes. Email us at has emailed us Jared kindly pointed out) Also give us a 5* and a review on iTunes if you could be so kind. Appreciate you listening!

Episode #8 Spirit Animals with Mattie

This episode is a long one. And was a lot of fun to record. Mattie was our guest this week and we had a great time discussing her spirit animal along with some other talents she possesses. We get into some politics that get heated a bit in the end but all is good fun. Hope you enjoy!

Episode #7 Stupid Fucking Debate

Topic is mainly about this past weekends Presidential debate. We get into that along with other political conversation. Later in the show we get back to some small talk on our weekends etc. If you have any questions or comments you can email us at Hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed making it!

Episode #6 Drones, Anger, and Deuces

Episode #6 is here folks. We are all over the place on this one. We start off with some Football talk and quickly into some anger and then into an interesting conversation about drones. We finish it off with some ever so popular and certainly interesting poop discussion. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording it.

Episode #5 Motherfucker

Hello interweb users. Welcome to this weeks podcast episode #5. This episode was brutal. I mean brutal…..and only for me. We kind of jumped right in without much of an intro but was entertaining to say the least. Not much more to say other than I hope you enjoy the show as much as Karrisa, Stan and Jared enjoyed recording it. Me not so much….

Episode #4 Sports Hotdog’s and Politics

Here we have episode #4 of our work in progress podcast Adjust the Mic. In this episode we started off with a little sports and then somehow got into talking about how many hot dogs we eat in a year on average. Then to finish off the show Karissa had a Facebook topic she found which turned the rest of the show into politics. Had a great time recording this so hope you enjoy. The sound quality should be better as well. We are working out some kinks and have some new equipment coming in to help the progression to where it seems like we know wtf we are doing. Thank you all!

Episode #3 12 Million Dollar Update

This was a fun episode to record. We talk about a range of topics. We get into how our weeks went a bit. Also discussed Karissa starting a weekly bit about Facebook groups. Should be interesting. Also I tell some more humiliating stories for the enjoyment of my co-host and the masses. Then we get into the nitty gritty of our fantasy football drafts and some trades being discussed. Hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed recording it!

Episode #2 Fuck that Chicken Guy

Episode #2 was a fun one to record.  We went out to Texas De Brazil on a Sat afternoon and had a great meal.  After that we go into some funny $12 million dollar conversation.  Check it out!