Episode #31 What are you Talking about Man

Episode #31 is ready for your listening pleasure. This was a Stan, Jared, and Scott episode. We get into story telling early on and get into some funny stuff. The story that explains the title is hysterical! We talk about the Orlando Magic and the draft some but it turns into a solid politic conversation and back to the Magic again and also the 4th of July and some more stories around the holiday and also get into some Disney talk for a few. We shortly discuss and throw a few hints out there about being invited to join the crew from The Twisted Ten and Living Podcariously to sit in and record a show! This is going to be awesome. The Twisted Ten podcast has cracked the top 100 iTunes rankings for comedy podcast. That is amazing and we are so excited to have the chance to record with some of our fellow #podcastmafia family! I know our cast is going to love this top ten list much more than I for reasons you will have to wait to hear but I have a feeling the shit is going to be funny and super embarrassing at the same time haha. Ok this is long enough. And the ending is pretty damn funny as well. These fuckers are always trying to get me to lower my #. Its 12 MILLION SIRS!

Episode #30 The Mattie Dabbz Show

Episode #30 is now ready for your listening pleasure.  My co-host Stan and Jared couldn’t make it for this one so 9 Pattie Mattie stepped into the role along with our good friend from the Burn it Down show Kenny aka Dabbz K.  Had a great time and we put down an almost 2 hour episode.  Some really funny stuff in here.  We hear Dabbz new Country hit single and try to get Mattie to rap to some Trina.  HILARIOUS!  Oh and they both didn’t cut me any slack either.  Stan and Jared will be proud of the verbal abuse against the poor host.  We were all over the place on this show and had a great time being a part of it.  Hope you enjoy!